Monday, January 22, 2007

Graduating from kindergarten to primary school

On 31 December 2006, the Holy Rosary Kindergarten in Gulu held a graduation ceremony for over 200 children, of whom seven were SOS children. Children participated in different activities including songs, dances, poems, rhymes, conversations and drama.

One SOS child who danced to the rhythm of “Yesu we kemakemako”, a musical church song, left all the parents amused and surprised to see such a young and talented kid performing like that. The audience clapped and shouted at every step she made. Parents and SOS mothers excitedly joined in the dance to give her courage.

The day was made colourful as other children participated in various group activities. The headmistress gave out certificates promoting them to primary one. The headmistress thanked all the parents for caring for their children. She particularly appreciated the SOS mothers for grooming the children to participate actively in organised activities and promised to send a video tape on the coverage of the ceremony to SOS. The occasion ended with parents taking photos of their smartly dressed children.


Quinta Apio, Village Educator Gulu

SOS Children in Gulu take on the adults at football

Shortly before Christmas a memorable occasion took place at the SOS Children's Village Gulu when the SOS Gulu co-workers, including mothers, played a 60-minute football match with the SOS children. The match, organised as a warm up activity for the Christmas party, kicked off at 3.45pm.

The children were very excited to see SOS Mothers and other staff in jerseys ready to play with them. The morale boosters among the children cheered their lightweight colleagues as they dribbled the ball past heavier mothers and staff. They jumped so high each time a goal was scored, in a match which ended in a 3-2 win in favour of the SOS Children’s soccer team.

The occasion was so special to the children of all ages. Even after the match one could see the children surrounding the staff looking at them and shaking their hands with happiness. The children were happy, the mothers were happy, everyone was happy.