Tuesday, November 13, 2007


On 10th November 2007, a team of staff from Barclays Bank Gulu branch visited the village with a donation composed of 100 pairs of children’s slippers, 82 mosquito nets, 10 blankets, 10 mattresses, 2 balls, food items (snacks) and soft drinks.. They came at around 2.45pm clad in t-shirts with the writing “make a difference day”, symbolic of their initiative to give back to people in the community to make a difference in their lives.

Indeed they made a difference in the SOS children’s life. Apart from enjoying the snack and the drinks, the children benefited from the quality time the Barclays bank staff spent with them. They organised a quiz in which gifts were given to individual winners. They also narrated interesting stories to the children and inspired them to read hard so that they might also become bankers in future. I believe that call went deeply in many children’s heart. If they are now asked what they wish to become, a good number of them can say they want to become bankers. It was a joyous and memorable afternoon to the children. Surprisingly the donation came at an opportune moment when we needed bedding for the new children to be admitted late this month. Long live Barclays Bank!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Village construction moving quickly

Construction of the new village is progressing faster than anticipated. In a period of two months, twelve family houses, a village director’s house and an administration block are all above window level. Six of the family houses have reached beam level pending roofing, which is expected to begin in January 2008 after the importation of the roofing tiles. According to the site engineer, other buildings will also be at beam level by the end of December.

Plumbing work and laying conduits for electricity on the walls are underway. A quotation for connecting to the main sewage line was procured from the Uganda National Water and Sewage Cooperation and digging trenches and laying pipes is soon beginning.

The pace at which the work is moving is satisfactory. The village is already taking shape. Gulu local government authorities in charge of construction were impressed by the quality of the work so far done, during their recent visit to see the progress of the work. It is quite evident that the SOS children, currently living in two dormitories with little breathing space, are soon getting a permanent home.