Friday, December 14, 2007

SOS children graduate from kindergarten

On 24th November 2007, seven SOS children attending kindergarten graduated at Police Primary School in a ceremony attended by parents and other invited guests, which started at 9.00am. Dressed smartly in graduation gowns, the children marched to the rhythm of a brass band to welcome their parents. An SOS child recited a poem entitled ‘being a teacher is not easy, but it is easy when you are able’. She was applauded by parents while photographers hurried to take her photos.

Another child recited a poem entitled ‘welcome to Uganda her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’. Parents burst into laughter before she added ‘Thank you for bringing CHOGM home’ proudly holding the Queen’s photo.

The children also presented songs, cultural dances, and poems on children’s rights and protection, and child labour. They emphasized the right to education as being very crucial in the children’s development. In their messages they also called upon parents to eradicate child labour, abortion, child abandonment, and to practice good parenting skills. They concluded by saying that if they are well cared for among them are future doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers and future mothers.

Brother Santo, who was the guest of honor, in his speech congratulated the graduates and appealed to parents to take the children’s messages conveyed through poems and songs seriously. Refreshments for children and their parents were served, music played and children showed their dancing skills to their parents.

by Quinta Apio, Village Educator

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The family tree grows bigger with 11 new children

It was happiness to the entire SOS Gulu community when seven new children of ages ranging from three months to seven years old came to live in the village. The first group of two children arrived in the village on 16th November, followed by another group of three children from Lira on 17th November 2007. The third group of two baby boys arrived on 27th November 2007. The babies had the warmest reception in the village. Children were so excited that every child struggled to hold them gently in their arms. They were accompanied by three ‘aunties’ from GUSCO, an organisation that temporarily took care of them before referring them to SOS for long term care. Prior to their coming, a small farewell party was organised by the GUSCO staff which was also attended by the children’s SOS mothers-to-be. Four more new children (2 boys and 2 girls) are planned to arrive on 10 December 2007.