Friday, April 11, 2008


The dream of relocating to the new village is becoming bigger and bigger among co-workers and SOS children as the construction progresses from one stage to another. The mothers have on several occasions visited the site and from their talks, it’s really going to be a very big change from sharing two rooms in a dormitory to living in a house. Not just a house, but a house to live in with everything provided.

The construction is currently at roof level. The village has already taken shape and many local people are pleased with the progress and quality of work so far done. Out of the 12 family houses 11 houses have already been roofed with very nice and durable tiles. One family house, the administration block, the village director’s house, the guest house, the service building and the kindergarten remain to be roofed. Plastering, both inside and outside is concurrently being done. According to the site manager all the buildings will be roofed in two weeks time.

Planting of lawn and hedges is soon beginning now that the rainy season has started. By the end of this year the new facility will hopefully be ready for occupancy