Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This year’s SOS Day was celebrated in advance on Sunday 22 June 2008. It was a low profile occasion with only the children, co-workers and CVAP volunteer students (Concordia Volunteer Abroad Programme) participating. The children presented a short drama, songs and Acholi dances. The chief guest was an SOS child, who made a prepared speech and gave out certificates of recognition to the CVAP volunteers who have just finished their volunteer work.

Some CVAP students broke down in tears as they were bidding farewell to the children with whom they had interacted so much in various activities.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Since July 2006 when the peace talks started in Juba in Southern Sudan, northern Uganda has witnessed a return to relative peace. Gulu town is growing fast but the cost of living is incredibly high and unbearable to most local people.

The prices for foodstuffs have more than doubled, making Gulu the most expensive town in Uganda. For instance fuel that was sold at UG Shs 1,350 (USD 0.83) by the end of 2007 is now at UG Shs 2790 (USD 1.70). Beans have increased by 50%, maize flour by 71%, pigeon peas by 233%, simsim by 134%, groundnuts by 73%, cooking oil by 125%, milk by 37% and cowpeas by 433%.

This current situation is attributed to several factors: global warming, the 20-year civil war, the recent floods, the rural-urban influx and the opening up of the Sudan market, to mention but a few. Although close to 80% of the people have returned to their homes and are no longer living in IDP camps (Internally Displaced Persons camps), weather changes still remain a very big challenge to the farmers. Rains are less predictable than they used to be and many people end up harvesting little.

Friday, July 11, 2008

SOS Gulu participates in Day of African Child Celebrations

On 16th June, SOS Children’s Village Gulu joined other NGOs, schools and Gulu district officials to celebrate the Day of African Child in Kaunda ground. The theme of the day was “Child Participation, Children to be heard and seen”. Indeed it was a day for children to be heard and seen. The chief guest was a child from Trinity College Gulu, whose speech emphasised the need for the children to be heard and taken care of. He raised concern over fellow children who were still in captivity, which has denied them a chance to grow as children.

Twenty SOS children, seven co-workers and 23 Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program (CVAP) student volunteers participated in the walk from the Gulu district headquarters to Kaunda ground. Prior to the celebrations, SOS Gulu took part in a series of preparation meetings together with other stakeholders and also made a contribution to making the occasion successful. The children also entertained the guests with dances and presented their artwork for the day’s exhibition.