Monday, August 11, 2008


Denis and Tom (not real names) are children that have discovered happiness in SOS Children’s Village Gulu. Not only are they happy with themselves, but they are also a source of joy to fellow children, mothers and co-workers.

Admitted into the village a few months ago and coming from different backgrounds, they have easily adjusted to the village life. They are always seen together, playing together and doing many things together. It’s still a mystery as to how they communicate and find themselves together, when they still do not talk and are from different families.

Denis is a jolly, lovely and generous boy who shows a lot of enthusiasm about his mother. His love for her is exceptional. He follows the steps of his mother wherever she goes. He is always smiling when he is with her and comfortably interacts freely with others in her presence.

Tom, on the other hand, finds the driver one of his best adult friends. Just seeing him coming, he runs towards the car, babbling some words trying to imitate the sound of the car. He has an ardent love for vehicles.

Much can be said about these two friends, but for now suffice it to say that they have really found a sweet home in SOS Children’s Village Gulu and everybody is proud of them.