Thursday, December 11, 2008


It’s not a common practice in the Acholi culture to celebrate children’s birth days. Most ordinary people do not know their dates of birth. Surprisingly, one can easily tell his or her age when asked. What again is quite amusing is that one can tell the same age for over a period of 3 to 5 years. This is common with ordinary people who are not educated. But in a few modern families, it’s a different trend.

Some SOS children do not believe that the age on their personal file is their correct age. They always want to be called ‘little ones’ for years. This is common with girls especially when they are approaching adolescence. They always prefer reducing their age so as not be seen as big girls. In view of this, the SOS Mothers have made it a practice to celebrate children’s birth days as a way of encouraging them to accept their dates of birth.

SOS Mothers celebrate children’s birth days each in a different style according to her ability and available resources. For instance mother Julian, who has been very active in celebrating her children’s birth days, sometimes she prepares cakes and other times she chooses to buy sodas, biscuits or sweets. Her children love very much this moment. It’s like Christmas to them in which all the family members participate actively. They prepare poems and sing birth day songs to the celebrants. The children feel happy, excited and loved by their mothers on this occasion.

Story by,
Pamela Atim, Sponsorship Assistant