Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good news from Gulu - the SOS Kindergarten opens

I would like to convey my belated but sincere New Year’s greetings to all our readers and the entire SOS fraternity. How do you feel the global financial crunch?

Well in SOS Children’s Village Gulu, in spite of the global financial crisis, 2009 has brought and will continue to bring many good changes. The first good news is that the SOS Kindergarten Gulu finally opened today 10th February 2009 with 15 children, of whom 3 are SOS children. A good number of parents from the community flocked to the Kindergarten to pick up admission forms as soon as they heard a radio announcement last week, which ironed out our fears of not getting enough children.

Although we started with hardly anything apart from some furniture borrowed from the Day Care Centre (the furniture is on the way), many parents expressed satisfaction with the high standard and the beauty of the place. Three qualified teachers were recruited in November/December and have all along been making teaching aids in preparation for the opening.

Most parents raised concerns over the need to construct a primary and secondary school so that their children can go to a good school after finishing three years in the Kindergarten. This is everyone’s wish and a wish that should come sooner rather than later.