Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life at the SOS Kindergarten

It’s now a month since our SOS Kindergarten opened. There has been a positive change despite some challenges at the beginning, as the beginning of everything is always hard. The kindergarten started with hardly any furniture and an approved running cost budget to meet its operational needs. Despite those challenges KG children have a good life and enjoyable learning, thanks to a lot of innovation and hard work by the KG teachers. Furniture was brought two weeks ago and it’s now being fixed by a four-man team from Nairobi-Kenya, assisted by two SOS youths from SOS Children’s Village Kakiri. Among the many things done at the school, I have personally fallen in love with the way the classes have been decoratively changed and the various children’s activities. What still I find interesting is watching the children playing and learning in class under the guidance of the happy skilled teachers.

This term, the children made a pictorial story entitled “THE THREE LITTLE PIGS”, whose theme is animals and which is the theme of the term. When one looks around, all the teaching aids in the classes are composed of animals. But in this particular story, each child was given a role and they shaded the pictures themselves. They do artwork like painting, modelling and pasting. They role play the story. They dress up like the characters in the story. They are also making Easter cards, which they intend to give to their parents, and to SOS co-workers both in Gulu and other projects. Even without the play equipment, there is already a variety of interesting activities and the school is so far the best one can find in Gulu.