Monday, April 27, 2009

New village to be commissioned soon

Good News! The construction of the new SOS Children’s Village in Gulu that started in September 2007 has finally ended and the Grand Opening is scheduled for 17th May 2009. Yes, what started as a rumour is now turning out to be a reality. The Ugandan President and the SOS President have already confirmed their presence to preside over the opening ceremony of the new sweet home for 120 children.

Preparations and final touches are being made to make the occasion successful. Furnishing of the houses started a month ago by a four-man team from Nairobi. All the household property for all the families is at the site. Three new mother trainees have already been appointed to head three additional family houses, increasing the number of mothers from 9 to 12. There is already a waiting list of 17 new children to be admitted, increasing the capacity from 103 to 120 children with an average of 10 children per house.

All people are happy, eager and look forward with optimism to move to the new village. Children, mothers and co-workers are all seen visiting the project regularly, admiring the nicely built houses and a good environment created around them. Each family already knows the house they will occupy. Our plan is to settle in the families one by one before the opening and, depending on the progress of the craftsmen assigned to furnish the houses. life will no longer be the same for children and for us all as well.