Wednesday, December 02, 2009

SOS Kindergarten Gulu End of Year Concert

Everybody was anxiously waiting for 21st of November 2009 when our concert was held. The day started like any other normal school day. Children and parents arrived in time. As parents took up their seats, children were getting ready to present a play and dances. The concert started at 11.00am with the children leading the national anthem and the school’s anthem.

It was real fun to see KG 1 children confidently reciting their rhymes, accompanied with actions, like “Elephant, Elephant, Mummy in the kitchen and Hello, Hello.”

The children have come a long way. Seeing them alone on stage for the first time in their lives brought tears of joy to their teachers and parents as well. Then KG 2 children also showcased what they had learnt in rhymes and poems. For them rhymes were not only said in English but also in Luo and Luganda.

As the rhymes ended, it was time for the Christmas play. Our children acted well, displaying confidence and independence on the stage. They were articulate and bold enough to face an audience of 180 people. The wedding day dance followed with children dressed like they were really going to a wedding party. Girls wearing their beautiful white frocks and boys clad in their suits, they put on a perfect performance.

The Kwazulu, Akogo and Kipepeo dances were the height of that day. Parents joined in the dance and continuously clapped and cheered. It was at that moment that Santa Claus, alias Father Christmas, emerged to everyone’s surprise and joined the children in the concert. Children, teachers, parents and friends cheered and applauded to receive Santa Claus with a lot of excitement. Santa Claus gave out presents to all children, thanking them for being good to their teachers and parents. He then joined the SOS KG family to cut the Christmas cake. It was a day full of fun and excitement. It was also an eye opener to the community, and at the end of it15 guests took admission forms to book well in advance for their children in 2010.

By Marion Otema, KG Head teacher